What should TAKEAWAY packaging be like?

We all understand the importance of quality and safety when it comes to food. Improperly stored and prepared food can lead to serious complications and health issues, so it is essential to pay the utmost attention to it. That being said, we must not forget about the packaging that comes into contact with our food, which is equally important.

But more on that later. Let's start with another very important topic: personalized packaging.

Besides its protective function, packaging also acts as an effective means of communication with consumers. It can function as a traveling advertisement and make people remember your brand.

Not taking advantage of this opportunity would be a waste. 

At Jamnik d.o.o., we are aware that the need for smaller quantities often hinders you when it comes to personalizing packaging. Such quantities are already available on the market without- or with neutral printing. But not in this house!

We also produce personalized packaging for smaller orders:

With us, you can order a smaller batch of 1,000 pieces. You can achieve additional economies of scale for larger quantities.

Not convinced yet? Check out what the packaging looks like with and without personalized printing!

Jamnik personalized packaging

Jamnik packaging with no personalization


Here’s a short checklist to use the next time you are ordering packaging for your food products:

✅ It must be made from virgin fiber cardboard. Current sustainability trends may dictate the use of recycled cardboard, but the recycling process does not guarantee traceability of materials, which is crucial for food packaging. 

✅ Takeaway food packaging must be printed with special inks and varnishes that are safe to come in contact with food. They must be made from substances that are not harmful to our health.

✅ We always advise our customers to coat the inside with a barrier varnish. This is essential for oily contents as it prevents the transfer of grease to the cardboard.

✅ The restrictions do not apply to the choice of artwork. Therefore, do not limit yourself in communicating your brand.

 Jamnik Hot Horsu packagnig

Check out how we did it with the packaging for Hot Horsu, the provider of the best horse meat burgers.

Is your idea for new packaging "ready TO GO"?

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