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Working together for 35 years
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Who we are?

About the company

Jamnik is a family-owned company founded in 1988. Our core-business is the production and distribution of printed packaging. Over time we developed our skills and expertise with focus on producing top-notch and hard to produce printed boxes. The turning point for us was in 2006, when we moved to our new location in the Medvode industrial zone and added one of the most modern offset-printing presss at that time, as well as a new gluing machine to our machinery…
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What we can do for you

Product range

We produce a wide variety of cardboard-packaging for big- and smaller sized customers from a lot of different branches of business. Certain branches have very specific needs when it comes to function and form of the packaging. We know those needs very well, that´s why we can give competent advice. We´re familiar with the standards and demands of many branches of production, like the food and drink industry, cosmetics, OTC drugs and food supplements, small home appliances and appliances for personal hygiene, the glass industry, the automotive industry…
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From idea to product

Engineering and development

Today, outlook and design of the packaging are the key to success on the market. The development of the packaging begins with the customer´s rough idea about what it has to look like, or with a more precise concept, based on dimensions, weight and characteristics of the product to be packed, and it´s position on the market.
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