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Development of packaging solutions

Today, outlook and design of the packaging are the key to success on the market. The development of the packaging begins with the customer´s rough idea about what it has to look like, or with a more precise concept, based on dimensions, weight and characteristics of the product to be packed, and it´s position on the market. Considering the demands of the market, our constructors develop your ideas into a product, that after print will come to life as a functional, aesthtetic and practical packaging. No two products are identical, which also goes for packaging.That´s why they totally devote their time to each and every customer and look for the best solution using their experience and know-how, from idea to prototype sample. Before production, they carefully check the suitability of the chosen solution. At the same time, they give valuable advice concerning the selection of material and additional finishing, always considering design, function and wishes of the customer. This enables us to implement possible changes and come to the optimal solution.

Do not forget – various effects and accented details on your packaging might be your competetive advantage. Make use of our support and enhance your sales with stat-of-the-art packaging. The secret is in the box.


In 2009, we installed our own pre-press department. In 2017 we also purchased our own CTP platesetter, which enables us to produce printing plates. The studio is equipped with the most modern software, as we always follow actual trends in CAD and preparation of printing data. Together with our technical expertise, this allows us to quickly yet thorougly check recieved print files, to correct them, if neccessary, and prepare everything needed for the further production of the boxes. We can also provide a 3D-view of the design before the actual print run. We use professional CAD software from Adobe and PitStip, a big part of the pre-press activities is made on the Esko-platform. We accept all common file formats. In order to correctly, effectively and timely prepare your print files, we created a short user guide to the preparation of designs for the customer.
Print file preparation guide


We are using two offset presses. Our Roland 705 can print up to 5 colors and UV varnish. In 2016 we made a big investment with the purchase of or new KBA Rapida 106 press. This machine features 7-color print with up to two varnishes in one print run, as well as monitoring of the ink coverage by camera.

Printing technique: offset + water based varnished + UV varnish + food-safe varnish
Printing format: 1020 x 740mm (maksimum sheet format 1060 x 750mm; minimum sheet format 340 x 480mm)
Materials: solid board min 180g; max: 800g or boards up to 1mm thickness; Color range: CMYK + Pantone colors, UV colors, food-safe colors, lightfast colors
Special finish: matt – gloss (UV) effects, partial varnish, drip-off varnish, iriodin varnish, print on metallized board


We can laminate the printed sheets on cardboard, which enhances durability, stiffness and loading capacity of the packaging.

Format: min 340 x 480mm; max 1050 x 1400mm
Materials: solid board + corrugated board (2-5 layers) and solid board + greyboard up to a total thickness of 2,0 mm.

Hot-foil stamping

Hot-foil stamping is especially suitable for packaging, that is supposed to draw the customer´s attention, as it adds some kind of luxury feel to the package. Because of its durability and shinyness, this kind of finishing is regarded as especially exclusive. We can offer you a wide variety of colored foils.

Format: min 380 x 450 mm; max 1060 x 750 mm
Foils: silver, golden, bronze – as standard colors, as well as all other kinds of colored and holographic foils

Foil lamination

Foil lamination or cellophane wrapping is used for packaging that demands additional durability.

Format: min 250 x 250 mm; max 1000 x 1400mm
Possibilities: gloss or matt, soft touch or special foils with visual and structural effects


Automated: min 340 x 370 mm; max 740 x 1040 mm
Special features: different kinds of perforation, cutting, braille printing and embossing

Window patching

Maximum open format of the box: 700 x 1000 mm
Materials: PP, PS, PET with thickness from 30 do 175 microns


Maximum open format of the box: 1100 x 1030 mm
Materials: corrugated and solid board; 1 do 6 – point gluing.
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