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Our vision is to always be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to competence, technology and progress. We strive to become a well-known producer of technologically demanding packaging on the european market, with added value for the consumer.
Who we are?

About the company

Jamnik is a family-owned company founded in 1988. Our core-business is the production and distribution of printed packaging. Over time we developed our skills and expertise with focus on producing top-notch and hard to produce printed boxes. The turning point for us was in 2006, when we moved to our new location in the Medvode industrial zone and added one of the most modern offset-printing presss at that time, as well as a new gluing machine to our machinery. With a clear focus on quality and high-end customer service we were able to earn the reputation of a reliable partner as well as a competent and modern producer of packaging solutions. We´re known for cutting-edge finishing as well as for our sense of detail and technical perfection. Judging by it´s number of employees, our company ranks as mid-sized packaging producer in Slovenia.
Environmental care

Standards for safety and quality

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Our products are our contribution to a greener planet. Cardboard packaging per se is friendly to the environment, as it is recyclable. Our economic activities are based on sustainability and the lowering of CO2 emissions. With the solar power plant on top of our production facilities, for example, we can cover 13% of our power demand already. Having attained two of the most important certificates in that field backs up our efforts for the environment: responsible management of the world´s forests as per FSC®-CoC and environmental management as per ISO 14001-2015. In 1996 the company also started the process of attaining the ISO 9001 certificate, and from that point on, this quality management system is the foundataion of work in our company.

At JAMNIK, we´re responsibly producing food-packaging and thus contribute to food safety in the supply chain of our customers. We´re well aware of the high expectations set into quality and safety of food products by the modern, informed consumer. In the year 2019 we substantiated our efforts in living up to our responsibility by acquiring the ISO 22000:2018 certificate. Such evidence for acting responsibly meanwhile has become one of the most important purchasing criteria of our customers in the food industry. Furthermore, the introduction of ISO 22000 has lifted our quality and process standards to a new level, which will be our focus also in the future.

We are the first company in Slovenia to gain the technical UGRA PSO certificate. PSO is a certificate for the process of offset printing that defines the standard and standardized workflow from incoming designs to machine output (printed sheets). With gaining this certificate, we confirmed that our company is competent in printing compliant to standard ISO 12647-2 and that we have set up our workflow so that we can keep up with this standard with every order. The certificate also focuses on process economics. With a controlled workflow, the company works with less waste, quicker preparation of the printing press, fewer complaints, and with more success and profit.

We are striving for excellence. Careful development and controlling of preparation and production of our packaging-products, timely delivered to our customers, leads to guaranteed quality. The company acts by a code of leadership, which is an epitome for its attitude towards quality and environment. With the implementation of a department for quality assurance in 2018 we put even more focus on this field.

As part of the FSC®-CoC certificate for economical forest management, the company has established an FSC policy to demonstrate its attitude towards its employees. It prohibits the worst forms of child- and forced labor, prevents discrimination, respects the law, and includes a code of conduct. It gives employees the freedom to choose workers' organizations and protects the workers' rights.

Yearlong experience, life-long learning and continous optimization in all areas of work are the cornerstones of our quality. That means: Do it the right way already the first time – and ever after. We ensure it with frequent trainings, target-orientation and the right kind of motivation for all our staff. We follow trends and news on the market, which helps us developing striking, modern packaging solutions. We use modern technology and equipment as tools for attaining a high level of effectiveness. We also ensure the quality of processes and products by comparing and checking print files before producing the printing plates, by automated monitoring of the ink coverage on the printing press, by using barcode readers for traceability and sensors for monitoring the use of glue on the gluing machines.
Jamnik through time

Company history


Installation of a new folder gluer with 1100 mm working width. First foldingbox producer in Slovenia to be certified by UGRA PSO (process standard for offset printing).


Purchase of a new sample plotter and a new CTP-plate setter. Installation of an additional cooling and venting system in our production premises. Ergonomic optimization of all our gluing lines and addition of a cargo lifter for easier handling of transport boxes. Purchase of a new window-patching machine.


Installation and start up of a new die-cutting machine (B1 format) and of a gluing machine for tapered trays.


Acquisition of ISO 22000 certification.


35 years of successful business.


Acquisition of a hall with 2715m usable floor space, acquisition of a B1 format hot foil embosser, purchase of a CTP platesetter to faciliate the production of printing plates.


Renting of additional 520m2 of storage space (planned for a ten-year period), acquisition of a new KBA Rapida 106 press.


Completion of additional conference rooms for guests, offices, a wardrobe, a kitchen and a dining room on 337m2 of space, and relocation of the construction department to these new rooms.


Purchase of a new laminator and a new B1 format diecutter for solid board. Acquisition of additional 1.200 m2 space for production as well as additional 1.000 m2 storage space on the first floor of the west wing of the facility with complemental housing. Completion of an automatic conveyor for waste paper with an automatic compactor. Completion of the airconditioning in the factory with integrated exhaust vents.


Acquisition of a new B1 format diecutter for corrugated board, purchase of a 3-point folder gluer.


Certification as per ISO 14001, remediation of the complete roof construction with installation of a 165 KW solar plant.


Implementation of the ISO FSC® CoC standard.


Soil remediation in the outbound warehouse and basement.


Installation of a pre-press department.


Relocation of the company´s headquarters and administration to the new facility at Barletova 4s.


Purchase of a new plotter and CAD-software.


Acquisition of new production facilities at the site of the former Medvode Textile factory, acquisition of a new 6-point folder gluer, purchase of a new B1 format printing press, exchange of the existing folder gluer for a newer model.


Installation of a branch office on the Croatian market.


Implementation and further development of a new EDP system.


Acquisition of another B1-format diecutter, purchase of a 3-point folder gluer for smaller boxes.


Exchange of a laminator for a new one with automatic feed.


Acquisition of a new B1-format printing press, purchase of a windowpatching machine.


Expansion of the production hall in Medvode, acquisition of a UV-varnishing machine.


Building permission for the expansion of the production hall in Medvode granted.


Acquisition of a B1 format die cutter, acquisition of a cutting knife, implementation of standardised waste paper disposal.


Acquisition of a folder gluer capable of gluing crash-lock bases for solid and corrugated board, expansion of the production facilities in Medvode.


Acquisition of a 2-color printing press (A0 format), start of the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system.


Acquisition of a new production hall for packaging made from corrugated board and offset laminated packaging in Medvode, acquisition of a laminator with automatic feed (B0 format), acquisition of a new diecutter with automatic feed, suitable also for hotfoil-print (A0 format), elaboration of an investment plan until year 2000.


Acquisiton of a 4-color offset press as well as a flatbed diecutter for solid board.


End of construction and relocation to the new facility, acquisition of a larger laminator.


Start of the construction of new production facilities, acquisition of a folder gluer for solid board.


Implementation of the offset-print technology and production of packaging made from solid board.


Building of temporary production facilities.


Addition of laminated packaging to the portfolio.


First business with die-cutting boxes from corrugated board.
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